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At Weeks Law, our services have been designed around the needs of our clients. We work hard to provide professional, compassionate, and cost effective legal services.

What to expect from us?

Our experience is yours

We leverage our extensive experience for your benefit across the entire range of commercial and personal services we offer.

We respect your time

We treat you the same way we would want to be treated. We understand that you time is valuable, and work hard to bring you peace of mind.

We create value

Cost always plays a key role in any legal proceeding, from title transfers to writing complex contracts. We focus on creating value for the services we provide you.

Our Process

  • Define your legal needs

    Together we’ll discuss your situation, fully understand your needs, and build a comprehensive list of what needs to happen.

  • Discuss & provide quotation

    We believe in transparency. That’s why we’ll make sure you understand what needs to happen and outline all costs involved.

  • Move forward

    Once we make the decision to work together, we’ll proceed forward and outline each step in a clear and concise manner.

Our Pricing

Weeks Law works to be as transparent as possible regarding the costs of our services. Some services have flat fees which we make available online. Other services require estimation because they depend, in part, on your unique situation.

Contact us today! There is no obligation to pay for our services until you are offered a quote.

How does flat fee pricing work?

The flat fee is a one-time payment for all legal services necessary to accomplish your unique legal objectives (although third party expenses, such as Filing Fees charged by the Court and Recording Fees charged by the Register of Deeds, are not included).

Please note that we cannot foresee every possible additional circumstance, so this table cannot be considered a comprehensive listing of every possible additional charge that may apply.

Also note that our flat fee pricing are for transactions not exceeding $700,000.00. Prices subject to change without notice and subject to verification on opening file.

All other services require an estimate

Some services depend on the unknown parameters of your specific needs or situation. The next step is to learn more about your specific needs and then provide you with a quotation.

Contact us for an estimate